Friday, March 26, 2010

Tennis Anyone? TGIFF!

Here is a game for Fun Friday that will not only hone your mouse skills but will help with Spring Fever when the weather is not cooperating.     Wimbledon

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peeps for my Peeps!

Are these not just too cute?!? And you can EAT them!

They are called Cake Pops and can be found on a really creative food site, Bakerella , which is authored by a very inventive person who does this for fun and obviously likes to share.

She also does her own photography! (That's her work above.)

There are more cute critters (& Cup Cake Pops, Cake Balls, & more!)  to be found there as well as directions for making your own.

So if you like to play with your food and are into baking,  Miss Bun encourages you to go forth and check this site out!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check out SnagFilms for all your Free Documentary needs!

Hello Peeps! Happy Spring to you all!

If you are interested in independent and free documentary films you will want to go to : SnagFilms where you can choose from 1,000 different films on many topics.

From their About page:

"SnagFilms is committed to finding the world‘s most compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers, and making them available to the wide audience these titles deserve."

"We make it easy for you to find a film that shines a light on a cause you care about. You can then open a virtual movie theater on any web site, so any one can watch your favorite SnagFilms for free.
SnagFilms can be summed up in four words: Find. Watch. Snag. Support."

You can search by topic, what's hot, channels (of their supporters), and a to z

Topics cover everything from the humorous to the disturbing and all points in between. Films with adult content are clearly labeled as such.  Film lengths vary from minutes to hours but all appear to have commercial intros....FYI.

Here is just one of Miss Bun's favorites. Enjoy!:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Cyborg Composer? A Fascinating Article . . .

This article is from the March/April issue of the online magazine:

Triumph of the Cyborg Composer:
David Cope's software creates beautiful, original music.
Why are people so angry about that? by Ryan Blitstein

is a thought provoking look at artificial intelligence, creativity and what that might mean to us.

 (You can also hear some segments of Emily Howell's music.)

Here is some info about the magazine in case you were wondering who they are and what they are up to: 

"The online magazine harnesses current academic research with real-time reporting to address pressing social concerns. Each day, we offer you information and possible solutions to concerns in areas such as education, politics, the environment, economics, urban affairs and health so you can join our lively global conversation based on work by researchers, leaders and journalists."

Be sure to check out the other interesting topics to be found there! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kindle for PC???


Those savvy folks at are now offering a FREE Kindle version for PC:  Kindle for PC
So now all of us who can't afford a new Kindle can still buy their ebooks (all 400,000 of them!)  and read them on our computers.

And even if you have a Kindle with this application you can access your library, notes, marks and more from your computer.

One can't add notes or highlight, search, or zoom & rotate images on a KindlePC (like you can on a bona fide Kindle)  but these are evidently upgrades coming in the near future.

Pretty sly,!

P.S. Miss Bun has had an opportunity to play with a Kindle and found the whole experience rather fascinating. (She is waiting for the price to come down though, given current public librarian salaries and all, before taking the digital plunge.)                                              

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodreads anyone???





 Have you ever wanted a better way to:

  • Get great book recommendations from people you know.
  • Keep track of what you've read and what you'd like to read.
  • Form a book club, answer book trivia, collect your favorite quote
    .........Then Goodreads if for you!

Just what is Goodreads, you may ask? 

Here is the answer direct from their "About" page:

"Goodreads is the largest social network for readers in the world. We have more than 3,100,000 members who have added more than 81,000,000 books to their shelves. A place for casual readers and bona-fide bookworms alike, Goodreads members recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they've read and would like to read, form book clubs and much more. Goodreads was launched in December 2006."

 Their mission?

To get folks excited about reading (on a global scale, no less)  & they do it by making reading fun again!

(What an amazing concept! Who would have ever thought that reading could be a pleasure?
[p.s. the sarcasm is all mine...A pox on all those reading-fun-suckers in the world!]

How it works:

Signing up for Goodreads is simple &  free.

"Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone's bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. Don’t stop there – join a discussion group, start a book club, contact an author, and even post your own writing."

Everyone starts out with three default shelves:  read, currently reading, and to-read but you can add other shelves as the spirit moves you.

If  you are at all intrigued you might want to check out their How It Works page for more in-depth info.

Take some time to explore what Goodreads has to offer. If you love books you'll be glad you did! Enjoy!