Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is Papercraft Heaven!

 Hi Peeps! It's been a really busy week in Library Land ... hence the lack of posts ... BUT ... here is a site from Canon  (the technology company ... I'm sure you've heard of them?) that really is a bit of heaven for papercraft enthusiasts.

Canon Creative Park is an amazing site with amazing projects that are all free.

Here are their categories for all sorts of things to do and make with paper and a printer: Gift & Card, Paper Craft, Scrapbook, Art, Calendars, and Photo Gallery.

There is everything from the very simple to the complex, from one dimensional to 3D and beyond! I have to say there are some very talented people out there designing these projects.

Creative Park gives users a choice of five languages. Each project has author info, release date, recommended paper & printer settings as well as download-able pattern and assembly instructions. 

So limber up your phalanges and click on over to (the aptly named)  Canon Creative Park!


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