Friday, February 19, 2010

It's TGIFF! Take a Poladroid!

Here is a fun app that mimics the Polaroid instant cameras of ye olden days.......remember them? Now you can create your own instant Polaroid (sort of) pics and get a real slice of retro to boot! (It's free, too!)

First go here: Poladroid Project and download the application.

 Then go a little crazy! (You know you want to!)

The fun part is watching your photo develop. Love the sound effects, too! Just like the real thing!

Here is a Miss Bun favorite photo of kids painting a mural in the library's Young Adult room. How cool is that all vintaged out with Poladroid???

And in case you want a little history check out what Wikipedia has to tell us about Instant Cameras.


P.S. Thanks to the Snowbound in NH!!! You always find the coolest stuff!

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