Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Libraries Stack Up 2010....A Report

Have you been wondering how Public Libraries stack up in this day and age?

Wonder no longer...OCLC ,(short for "Online Computer Library Center"), has just put out their colorful How Libraries Stack Up 2010   (pdf ) report.

Miss Bun is happy (and not at all surprised) to see that public libraries are thriving, integral parts of the communities they serve. (Go Team Pub Lib!!!)

As you can see from the report excerpt above, Public Libraries have it all over Starbucks, Borders, & Barnes & Noble when it comes to Wi-Fi hot spots. And that's just the beginning!

Check out the full report & prepare to be amazed!

P.S. For the curious, here is a link to an explanation of  what OCLC is in plain English from Wikipedia.

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