Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prom, Duck Tape & Scholarships! Oh, My!

Hey, Peeps! Here is a nifty, creative contest that can bring in some money for you & your school if you happen to be going to prom this year. (AND you follow all the rules and are 14 years of age or over, etc.)

The folks at ShurTech Brands, LLC are giving away 20 scholarships in celebration of their 10th anniversary to couples (and their schools!) who make their prom dresses & tuxes out of Duck Tape, make it to the top ten and survive 5 weeks (& 3 days) of online voting. Sweet!

Here are the prizes that go to each individual member of the prom couple and the school that hosts the prom:
First Place - $3,000
Second Place - $2,000
Third Place - $1,000
Seven Runners Up - $500

Check it out! Stuck at Prom

And while you're there take at look at the gallery of contests past as well as the current entrants for this year.

The sheer creativity plus fun factor is amazing!!! Enjoy!

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