Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learn About Low Impact Development and Eco-living

When I visited this site: A Low Impact Woodland Home by Simon Dale in Great Britain two things that made an immediate impression were 1) how passionate about this subject Mr. Dale must be and 2) if it weren't for the Internet I would probably never have had the privilege of learning about it.

This is a straightforward, interesting site on the topic of green living, sustainability, and low impact development. Take a tour around the site and be sure to visit the Lammas website that is listed under "Resources" to learn about the society and Eco-living.

Under the "Home" tab you will find house plans, the family's perspective, and similar buildings.

On this site you will also find videos, a forum, how to get involved and some good resources.

This is an excellent example of using the power of the Web to connect people and ideas.

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