Monday, January 25, 2010

Dangerously Addictive Word Game Alert!!!

If you like word games (and what bibliophile doesn't?) you might want to skip over this post if managing your time is a personal issue.

Over the weekend I found Babble which is an online version of the game known as Boggle. Babble, however, is played against the entire Net in 24 hour rounds. You must register to play but it is free. FYI: You can upgrade to Pro for a minimal price if you really get hooked.

With each grid you are given the number of words possible plus how many 4 letter (the minimum) & up words there are plus how many times each letter in the grid is used to start a word.

Sounds fairly simple? Wrong! This is a very challenging game that will make time literally fly by . . . so be warned.

Another very nice aspect of this game is the chat box on the right. Folks from around the globe play this game and are great at giving clues & encouragement.

Are you ready to give it a try? Go Babble!

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  1. Very interesting blog and i got many easy but new words here. thank you.