Monday, January 18, 2010

Like Factoids? Like Fun Graphics? You'll Love This!

OnlineEducation is an interesting, albeit with somewhat mysterious origins, site that takes topics like A Day in the Internet and creates this:

A Day in the Internet
Created by Online Education

There are other nifty topics like Videogame Statistics, Facts About Your Farts, What's Changed This Decade, Facts About Bottled Water & more. (FYI: some topics may be more edgy than others.)

You will also find some useful lists here such as 100 Free Tools to Write, Publish, & Promote Your Own Book and 100 Best Blogs For Homeschooling Moms (which also includes blogs by homeschooling Dads and kids plus lots of homeschooling resources).

This is what the Online Education folks have to say on their About page:
"Everyone has a natural curiosity, and we are here to give you a daily dose of wit, humor and knowledge to satisfy that urge. We cover all the bases of life that didn’t get a lot of attention at school."

By George, I think they've succeeded! Check it out!

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