Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Different Way to View the News...

There are amazing sites to be found out there in cyberspace. This one "is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator." (Sounds like a mouthful, doesn't it?)

What that means to us is that by going to Newsmap we can view the news in 11 countries ( all at once or each separately) in 7 categories (all or one) over 3 time frames as it's pulled from the Web by Google . (There are also two different layouts you can choose from.) Pretty cool, huh?

The bigger the headline the more related articles it has. Be sure to let your cursor hover over the entries you are interested in and you'll get a pop-up with the entire headline (& other info if available). If you want to go to the article just click it.

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