Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visit the National Library of Scotland's Digital Library

(without moving from your chair.)

Anglophiles Unite!!!

This is an amazing collection of digital resources. (One of the reasons I admire it so much is that it is well organized and user friendly.)

Here you can see historical maps of Scotland; read one of the 1,800 broadsides (early news stories and ballads) that informed the Scot in the street between 1650 and 1910; look at 300 images taken in the 1840s by the Edinburgh Calotype Club – the world's first photography society; read – in English and French – the last letter by Mary Queen of Scots, written only hours before her execution in Fotheringay Castle; learn about Churchill, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns.....and more!

National Library of Scotland's Digital Library


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