Monday, February 16, 2009

This Just In ...

Ok, so it's Monday...we all could probably use a little diversion, right? I have a wee, useless but somehow engaging, web toy that was brought to my attention by my sources in New Hampshire. Think of it as your own personal sandbox. (When you get to the page it will be blank....just start clicking your mouse. Oh, and be sure to have your sound's part of the charm.) Make pretty patterns & have fun!

Update: If you hit the "C" key you will get a palette of colors. Put your cursor on the shade you want and click to use that shade. The "E" key is for erase.

I must say that being able to use color makes a HUGE difference....don't you think so? Lesson learned: Don't be afraid to play around with something like this. (All was revealed when I clicked on the tiny gray box in the top left of the original screen. )


  1. Every single day I find some fascinating tid-bit of fun information! Thanks for the smiles.