Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Miss Bun...

Q: What is a "Friends of the Library" group?

A: Dear Library Patron,
I'm so glad you asked! A Friends group is a gaggle of folks voluntarily working together to assist the library (usually) in the following ways:

  • Promoting the library and its use to the community
  • Organizing community cultural activities in the library
  • Giving practical help to the library staff
  • Arranging fund raising activities to support the library & its goals
A Friends Group is a separate organization with its own officers, budget, and membership. It might be helpful to think of them as a library boosters club. (Just like high school Band Boosters!)

We here at the Annville Free Library feel we are very fortunate to have a lively and active Friends Group which has been busy putting on some great raffles to raise money for a new sign in the front yard.

Their next meeting is Saturday, March 21st @ 10 am at the library. I'm sure they would love to see your smiling, eager face in attendance. What a great way to get involved in your community! If you have questions you can always call Abbey Beidler (she's their President!) @ 867-2924.

Note: Miss Bun will be happy to entertain (and perhaps even answer) all your information needs. Ask away!

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