Monday, May 11, 2009

Atomic Shrimp: A Man and his Blog......

This is a blog by Mike "in the south of England - almost exactly halfway between Southampton and Portsmouth."

Mike's blog is "really just about the things I do in my spare time. My interests include wild food, experimental cooking, assorted crafts, multimedia work and the deliberate, but benign and mild-mannered pursuit of the absurd."

Here is a link to just one of the absurd things you will find there: The Mouse Organ

You may wonder why I am pointing you in the direction of Atomic Shrimp. (I have heard from several people that they think blogging is just a waste of time).

The point I would like to make is that this absurd, funny, quirky blog is a stellar example of someone putting themselves out there on the Net for no other reason than they can, or they want to share or they just get some satisfaction out of creating something that others can see.

(And given the fact that the whole online world has the potential to access this blog you can bet that someone will see it!)

Never before have so many had the means to self publish so easily on any subject and in so many formats. And what's more is that they can get immediate feedback (if desired).

So, Peeps, don't automatically turn up your nose at the "B" Word. Just jump into that great sea of humanity that is the Internet and reach out and connect with someone!

(Do I now owe a certain telecommunications company some revenue???)

Here is another Atomic Shrimp blog entry to entice you to have a look: Making A Mountain Out of a Molehill


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  1. Hi, it's Mike from Atomic Shrimp here.

    Thanks ever so much for the link and the positive feedback. You're right - I do it because I can, and because I like to share.

    But it also benefits me - people who read my articles often contact me with suggestions for stuff I wouldnt always have discovered on my own.