Thursday, May 21, 2009

Science Fiction .....It's Alive!!!

As this site claims: SCI-FI LISTS "is dedicated to bringing you quality lists and concise reviews of science fiction's all-time top books, films, TV shows and short stories".

Here you will find book reviews, lists and polls, film & TV lists as well as recommended links.

The truly amazing fact about this site is that it is not a commercial venture but a hobby site created by one Peter Sykes who hails from Australia. A site that is the recipient of over thirty respected website awards and currently averages over 5000 hits a day.

Kind of makes you long for that little bit of alien in all of us, doesn't it?

1 comment:

  1. This looks like an excellent site. I am very pleased to have discovered it.

    The number of hits per day speaks for itself and it's "hobby" nature appeals to me.

    As another Aussie I have recently been published in the US, the link to my author site is:

    My book is also now on Amazon, Barnes& Noble and the many other sites