Thursday, June 4, 2009

Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment Six via Pogue's Posts Blog

Where Online Meets Offline...

Ok, so I came across this blog entry (The MP3 Experiment by David Pogue) as I was rambling around the Net, and since I am also very interested in how technology and culture intersect (and I love collaborative, fun projects) this immediately caught my eye.

The existence of Improv Everywhere was also under my personal radar (please, no eye rolling...) so discovering them was another treat for me.

All I can say is: Another amazing example of how technology can be used to impact our lives in unexpected and incredibly creative ways.

Please read David Pogue's post where he describes participating in The MP3 Experiment Six on Roosevelt Island, NYC with his young son. (Wish I had been there!) And check out Improv Everywhere's website to see what they've been up to lately. Be sure to read the FAQ's to learn how you can participate and how Improv Everywhere got started.

Then go out and make some fun of your own today!

Have a look at The MP3 Experiment Five to experience the magic:

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