Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Search the Net to Match Your Mood with...

WILD MOOD SWINGS , according to its maker Sean McManus, is a simple game where you choose a mood from the drop down box, click on the "take me away" button and voila!.......there you are!

(It's Good To Be Queen!!!....Sorry, I had a brief Mary Englebreit moment there......whew!)

Anyway, this is a very interesting concept. And the many mood choices are intriguing as well.

Are you feeling: zen?, verbose? bossy?, musical? green-fingered?, Japanese?, like trespassing on government property?.......you get the idea.

You may be wondering about the suitability of this site for the very young or those with a more refined nature.

To put your mind at ease (sort of) here is their disclaimer:

"Sean McManus and the team at Wild Mood Swings are not responsible for any content you find on other websites. Wild Mood Swings works by taking you to other websites, outside our control. We review the page we link to (obviously), but don't have time to follow all the links from that page. Occasionally, pages change after we review them so do notify us if you're worried about anything you see: roughly speaking, links should be suitable for ages 15+. We reserve the right to add, remove and amend all links at any time. By using this site, you accept that you use it at your own risk and that we're not responsible for any bad feelings."

Ok, Peeps, go have an adventure!

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