Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Interactive, Online Museum of Science, Humanities, & Culture...

WebExhibits is just that and more. Their hope is that the exhibits’ information, virtual experiments, and hands-on activities prompt us to think, to formulate questions, and to explore topics from a variety of angles.

Current topics include: Calendars Through the Ages; Daylight Savings Time (which made an appearance previously on this blog ); Color Vision & Art; Poetry Through the Ages; Van Gogh's Letters; Butter; Causes of Color; Bellini's Feast of the Gods; and Pigments through the Ages.

Previous topics can be found on the "Older Exhibits" page.

Be sure to check out the "About" page where you can learn how to create your own exhibit, take advantage of teacher resources, sign up for the newsletter, give feedback and more!

What a cool concept! Go forth and partake!

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