Thursday, September 10, 2009

All About Apples . . .

Here in Pennsylvania it's nearly apple harvest time so in keeping with the season here are some fun links to all things apple!

May we direct your attention to:

All About Apples which is the premier site of the Apple Industry where you will find apple facts, orchard listings, festival listings, and much more! (Be sure to check out their "Other Resources" tab)

Apples and More is a site authored by the University of Illinois Extension where you can find out even more info such as: apple history and legends; varieties; selection and uses; apple facts; preserving apples; apple fun & more! (Their tab listings are at the bottom of the page.)

The National Apple Museum which is owned and operated by the Biglerville Historical & Preservation Society in Biglerville, PA (near Gettysburg). Be sure to check out the Fruit Crate Labels on this site. They are gorgeous!

And coming up is the 45th Annual National Apple Harvest Festival which is held the first two weekends in October.

Gotta love those apple dumplings!

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