Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Digital Rare Book Room . . .

The Rare Book Room is a fascinating site that gives viewers access to high quality resolution images of some of the world's greatest books from some of the world's greatest libraries.

Who or what is behind this endeavor, you may ask?

Why, that would be Octavo, a company from California, whose " purpose is to use the best in advanced technology to uncover and enhance the seminal ideas of the past in ways that will provide inspiration for the present and future. Through our published editions, Octavo facilitates preservation and enables discovery for a wide range of audiences."

There are about 400 books (all that have been digitized to date) that may be searched by category, author, or library.

These include works by Shakespeare, Ben Franklin (Poor Richard's Almanac & Experiments and Observations on Electricity), Galileo, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin and more!

This is truly a feast for the eyes! Enjoy!

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