Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Blog for Self-Learners . . .

Self Made Scholar is a great blog posted by Jamie Littlefield who is a "self-education enthusiast and former teacher".

"This blog is all about self-education - people learning what they want to know without formal schools or classrooms."

Her take on self-learning is interesting so be sure to read the "Introduction to Self-Education" tab where you will also discover notable people who were/are self-learners.

A glance at the "Bio & Contact" link under About Me explains how she arrived at a passion for learning.

"The goal of SelfMadeScholar.com is to connect people to the resources they need to learn."

The "Free Classes" & "Self-Ed Resources" tabs contain a wealth of links and resources listed under headings such as Free Books Online,  University Open Courseware, Language Learning, Organizing Your Library, Educational Podcasts (and more!) for anyone who yearns to further their knowledge in any number of subjects or topics.

What a great site! Check it out!

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